Saturday, September 12, 2015

Modern Women: The Fear of Feminism

Ms. Lisa Marie Hogeland has many valid points throughout her extremely well written article, "Fear of Feminsim." In today's modern society, it is extremely valid that young women are afraid of the word "feminist." They are afraid to be judged and to be belittled just for believing in gender equality and feminine pride. When Hogeland mentions that young women are being "profoundly affected by the demonization of feminism," I definitely agreed. There are so many pictures and posts on social media making feminism seem like a bad thing, when in reality, it is just simply the fight for something that every human deserves- equality. There is a Twitter account called "meninist" where it idolizes men, and the belief that men are better than women. It is supposed to be mocking feminism, when in reality, it is just simply an unfair demonstration of masculine fear of feminism. 

I was very compelled when Ms. Hogeland brought up the social connection between feminism and lesbianism. This is such a relevant ppint to make especially in today's society. So many young women are probably afraid of feminism because of the stereotype that all feminists are lesbians. Which is NOT true. That statement as like saying that all men are gay because we are proud of our gender. It is ridiculous but an extremely popular stereotype in today's society. It's as if people are afraid that feminists think that they are better than men. Which is not true. Feminists think that they are equal to men.

It is sad that so many of these young women are being forced into society norms saying that feminism is a bad thing. It is not. Is is a scary thing and it takes courage to stand up for what you believe in. But it is also a great thing to challenge society and say "I am who I am. And I am equal to you.


  1. Hi Brook, I agree with you in this one. I do agree that young women are afraid of Feminism because of what other people say. A lot of people say that Feminism is horrible but it is true what you say Feminism is a fight for equality but not everyone can see that just because they are following the opinions of others.

  2. Hello Brook, glad you took away lot of inspiration from the article and see the need for positive changes in regards to the feminist movement. We live in a society that is screwed up in many ways, let challenge it!

  3. Hey Brooks!

    Your blog helped me write mine about this topic, because it's so good! and I agree with you. There are so many pictures out there that give the wrong idea how about what feminism is about. Feminism is the idea of BALANCE between men and women.

    Great blog Brooks! :)

  4. I read this to understand what Hogland was trying relay to readers, and you explained it so well. Thanks!