Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cumpulsory Heterosexuality

In Adrienne Rich's detailed article on "compulsory heterosexuality" and "lesbian existence" she speaks about just how invisible lesbians are in today's society and how it is believed that people are supposed to be straight. Rich states that "the assumption that 'innately heterosexual' stands as a... block for feminism." This means that by society deeming all women as straight, they are completely deleting any other type of women from American society. "Lesbian existence has been written out of history or catalogued as disease." Lesbians have gone unacknowledged in history and lesbianism has been completely shamed. By deleting women who are lesbians from any type of public representation, is making "lesbian existence" invisible in society. It is so important for the feminist movement to include ALL women. She also states that "heterosexuality has been both forcibly and subliminally imposed on women." By society always characterizing women as heterosexual and glorifying the thought of a women being with a man, it's been made assumed by everyone that women need to be heterosexual. Rich says that "... heterosexual romance has been represented as the great female adventure, duty, and fulfillment." Society makes it so important for women to have a MAN. It's important to marry a MAN. To be as good as a MAN. Nowhere in our society does it glorify a woman being with another woman. We need to include these women in not only the feminist world, but also in the real world.

In this link, I've included an advertisement for Dolce and Gabbona. It is one of the only ads portraying lesbian romance for a high fashion clothing line.

Lesbian Clothing Ad

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  1. I just found it amusing that I was listening to Beyonce when I got to your page and her words were " I just want to be the girl you like".