Sunday, October 18, 2015

Racism and Women's Studies

While reading Barbara Smith's article on racism within the feminist movement, I agreed with many of the points that she made. As a white man, I witness this racism daily and it is extremely relevant to my life. I have never been racist or discriminative of anyone because I am also a gay man, which is a blessing in the sense that I absolutely love my sexuality, but a curse in the sense that I am judged and discriminated against every day of my life. Smith mentions that "racist white women cannot be said to be actually feminist." If any woman is discluded from feminism, then the idea of equality itself cannot be included in feminism, which would crumble its entire foundation. "Anything less than [the] vision of total freedom is not feminism" says Smith. Unless feminism is fighting for all women, not just high class, white, heterosexual women, it isn't actually fighting for gender equality. Just equality for the "elite." She also states that "feminism is the political theory and practice that struggles to free all women" which supports my repeated thought that no woman should be left outside of the feminist movement. Without the support and inclusion of all women, there can't be anything truly accomplished for gender equality, and our society will become unbalanced. "Women's studies is a context in which white and third world women actually come together," a study that shows the unity of all women, no matter who you are.

Below is a link to Beyonce's essay on gender equality. As a black woman and a feminist, her views are extremely relevant to this article.

Beyonce's Feminist Essay

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